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The California Vase

The California Vase
(U.S. Patents Issued)

The California Vase™ lets you beautify patio/market umbrellas, other poles and almost any vertical structure with a diameter of 1½" to 2".  Use your imagination of where and how to use it.  But let us know where it ends up! Look at this good use of it as seen on HGTV ~ Kitty Bartholomew: You're Home.

The California Vase is used by interior decorators, event planners, floral designers, wedding coordinators, display artists and many other decorating professionals.

The California Vase™ is easy to use and lets everyone design their own floral arrangement using fresh-cut flowers, silk flowers, dried flowers, herbs, fruits, branches/twigs or anything else you can imagine.  Our instructions will assist you.  

The California Vase™ is not just for the warmer months.  Consider decorating your table in the cooler months with it as well.  When the weather is too cool for fresh flowers, pop in an arrangement of silks, dried flowers, herbs, branches/twigs and almost anything else. This will add beauty to your patio table area in all seasons.

The California Vase™ kit includes clip on vase, precise fitting floral foam disk, floral preservative for fresh cut flowers and instructions. 

Our Floral Foam & Preservative Kits are also handy to have on hand when it is time to replace the original floral foam disk and for other general flowering arranging needs.

When ordering, please specify a vase diameter of 1½" or 2" based on your umbrella pole size or other structure for intended use.  With two, you can decorate different areas of the same pole/structure, use on another pole/structure or give one to a friend.  It makes a great gift!


1.5" CG1101
2.0" CG1111
as seen
HGTV ~ Kitty Bartholomew: You're Home, Romantic Homes Magazine and The Los Angeles Times
You Can Make A Beautiful Arrangement In Minutes !! 
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Let Us Design An Arrangement For You! 

Our Floral Foam & Preservative Kits are handy to have around for The California Vase™ and many other last minute decorating needs.

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