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The California Vase

Above is a Spring & Summer arrangement .  We use the highest quality materials in all of our arrangements.  This means your arrangement will sparkle and last. So you will sparkle too!
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Let us send you a CottagesandGardens arrangement designed especially for The California Vase�We will use any combination of silks, branches, twigs, freeze dried flowers and many other great materials to get just the right look.  

You will receive the arrangements already in the vase(s).  So all you have to do is simply place the vase(s) on the pole as instructed and do some light fluffing (as with potato chips, some settling does occur during shipment!).

Each 180� + arrangement is arranged in one vase.  Arrangements of 360� are arranged in two vases, which clip back to back on the pole.  Instructions are included with each arrangement, however it really is very simple.

Please specify which designer arrangement you want: spring/summer, fall/winter, Holidays or weddings/party (all white).

Medium (180� +) CG1191
Medium (360�) CG1192
Large (180� +) CG1193
Large (360�) CG1194

Custom Arrangements

We will design and build a custom arrangement just for you.  Give us an idea of what you are looking for and we will take it from there or leave it strictly up to us.  We will personally design and ensure your custom arrangement has style and is discriminating and unique.

Please contact us so that we may discuss designing a special arrangement for you.


Arrangement Consultation

For those who want to build their own arrangement, but want a little more assistance than our instructions and helpful hints can provide, we offer an arrangement consultation.  

Give us a general idea of the look you are trying to achieve.  We will determine the appropriate flowers and other materials needed to achieve your look.  We will also tell you precisely how to build the arrangement to the desired look. We can do this for fresh cut flowers, silks or any other medium.  We will send all the information you need to build your arrangement to your e-mail or fax.


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