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CottagesandGardens advertises in several decorating and trade magazines / publications and provides them with editorial content such as product for displays.  While we have good relationships with all of these companies, our relationship with Romantic Homes Magazine over the years has been especially close.  A few reasons for this is that Romantic Homes was the first magazine that CottagesandGardens advertised in and the Magazine is based here in Orange County, California as well.  As a result, we have come to know many on the staff personally.

If you are not familiar with Romantic Homes Magazine, we highly encourage you to pick up a copy of their latest issue.  You might also take a peek at their sister magazine, Victorian Homes Magazine.

If you found us through Romantic Homes, you have other comments you would like to share with us about these magazines or you would like to subscribe to them, please send a note to us at

The CottageKeepers
Romantic Homes Magazine
March & April 2000 Ad Featuring
The California Vase

April 2000 Issue, Easter Article

Rabbit With Tea Cup was very popular!

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