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The Cottages and Gardens Logo - The Cottage
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Spring and Summer 2010
We receive many comments and questions about our logo or The Cottage as we refer to it.  It seems to evoke such joy and warm feelings in many people.
People always want to know why we scrunched the name together with no spacing between words.  Well, for one reason we believe that in the Traditional Cottage Lifestyle the Garden is simply an extension of the Cottage and life is lived abundantly in both places.  Being such they must co-exist in harmony to create the ideal Cottage Life.  And we like the way it looks!
The Cottage
The Cottage just seems to project all that is good about a simple, relaxed and loving home life.  We believe this is a life style worth living.  A common question is "Why is the Cottage always changing?".  Well, that is really pretty simple.  A home is a 'living thing' therefore is in a constant state of change.  We wanted to make our Cottage symbolic of that, so, it changes too ~ for seasons, holidays and other reasons.  Besides it is fun for us and hopefully you as well!
The Trees
The trees (when in season) are redbud eucalyptus trees, often used to line streets in Orange County, California, including Narcissus Avenue in Corona del Mar, California, the original home of Cottages and Gardens.  They are in bloom several times throughout the year.
The Rose Bush
The rose bush (when in season) is currently a Betty Boop Rose.
The Cottage Road
The Cottage Road takes us on our daily journeys of working, learning and experiencing life.  It then delivers us back to the comforts of home where we can share our new experiences with loved ones, share in theirs and simply find a retreat.
For Life's Simpler Pleasures 
We believe that when you find or experience that little something from nothing which makes you feel very good inside, then you have experienced one of life's simpler pleasures. Such might be a great piece of chocolate, a great gardening bench or a tip on growing your favorite roses.  Whatever it is for you, we hope you find Life's Simpler Pleasures at CottagesandGardens.
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