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About Cottages and Gardens
At Cottages and Gardens we strive to offer our customers an old fashioned customer service oriented shopping experience which hopefully creates pleasure for all.  To simply sell things to a customer without the joy, we believe is an "empty transaction".  We also want to get to know as many of our customers as possible.  As well as helping us to provide better customer service, it also allows people to simply connect. This is very important to us plus there seems to be a shortage of it these days.
We particularly enjoy being able to offer our Products to those who normally can't get them where they live.  Many of us grew up in small towns and know what it is like not to have easy access to the wonderful shopping and expertise that those living in the major metropolitan areas enjoy.  This is our favorite thing to do!
Overview Of Operations
Cottages and Gardens is engaged in the following business operations:
  • Retail of our Products directly to consumers through a variety of distribution channels including our online websites.
  • Wholesale of Products to other retailers and businesses through our online website, showrooms and other traditional distribution activities (e.g. sales reps, trade shows, advertising & direct marketing).
  • Design, development and manufacture / processing of Products.
  • Publishing of CottagesandGardens Magazine
  • Providing advice and support to consumers on a range of topics including decorating, gardening, homemaking, crafts, weddings, photography and more.
Today our Products consist primarily of items related to decorating the home and garden, gifts, gift baskets, flower arrangements and gourmet food items.
To a great extent, our business is inspired by the many cottage style communities that populate Orange County, California, home of Cottages and Gardens
Retail Shopping Near You
Many of our products are exclusive to Cottages and Gardens.  So, you can only find them at Cottages and Gardens or in other Retail Shops that carry them.  If you would like to shop for our items in your favorite local Shops, then please have the Shop contact us.
Wholesale Showrooms
From time to time we maintain permanent and temporary showrooms for our Cottage Wholesale business which provides a wholesale line to Bona-Fide Retailers and Other Qualifying Businesses.  For more information, see Cottage Wholesale or Contact Us.
Products Exclusive To Cottages and Gardens
When you see a smaller image of our Cottage on a product page, then you know that the item is made by Cottages and Gardens or is made exclusively for us.  You can usually find the image next to the item's name as below: 
Slipcovered Furniture for Kids™ 
All Cottages and Gardens products are proudly Made In The U.S.A.  We use fine American craftsmanship and high quality materials in the construction of all our all items.  For example, we use solid redwood in our Garden products and decorator fabric in our Slipcovered Furniture For Kids.  Similar is true of our Candy Shop delights where we take great care in selecting just the right ingredients for our Gourmet items.
Our Logo

We get so many positive comments and questions about our logo (by the way, thank you!).  We are very pleased that it brings such joy and good feelings to so many people.  

CottagesandGardens ~ People always want to know why we scrunched the name together with no spacing between words.  Well, for one reason we believe that in the Traditional Cottage Lifestyle the Garden is simply an extension of the Cottage and life is lived abundantly in both places.  Being such they must co-exist in harmony to create the ideal Cottage Life.  And we like the way it looks!
Cottages and Gardens Logo - The Cottage

The Cottage just seems to project all that is good about a simple, relaxed and loving home life.  We believe this is a life style worth living.  A common question is "Why is the Cottage always changing?".  Well, that is really pretty simple.  A home is a 'living thing' therefore is in a constant state of change.  We wanted to make our Cottage symbolic of that, so, it changes too ~ for seasons, holidays and other reasons.  Besides its fun for us and hopefully you as well.

The Cottage Road takes us on our daily journeys of working, learning and experiencing life.  It then deliveries us back to the comforts of home where we can share our new experiences with loved ones, share in theirs and simply find a retreat.

For Life's Simpler Pleasures ~ We believe that when you experience something that isn't generally regarded as a big deal, but it gives you that little warm fuzzy feeling inside, then you have experienced one of Life's Simpler Pleasures.  Such might be a yummy piece of chocolate, a great gardening bench, a tip on growing your favorite roses or just making a new friend.  Whatever it is for you, we hope you find one at Cottages and Gardens.

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