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The Candy Shop at Cottages and Gardens
Start with some wonderful old family recipes, maintain the same commitment to fresh quality ingredients and time tested candy making techniques that our Grandmothers used and you have the essence of the gourmet items you find today in The Candy Shop at Cottages and Gardens.
The Candy Shop
  Cottages and Gardens
Sarah Gusteen Taylor Grew Up In A Family Of Great Southern Cooks.  She Too Became A Great Cook And Wonderful Candy Maker As Well.  She Especially Enjoyed Making Her Candies & Tea During The Christmas And Holiday Season.
The Candy Shop Logo at Cottages and Gardens - Sarah Gusteen Taylor
Sarah Gusteen Taylor
While not all of the Candy Shop items available today are directly from Gusteen's recipe box, the attention to detail given to each one and the resulting quality are the same that she would have expected of her own.

Enter The Candy Shop
The CottageKeeper's Toffee
Roasted Almond Chocolate Toffee
Our Toffee is generally regarded by many toffee enthusiasts as unique in many respects and one of the best toffees available in the United States today.  Even though our Toffee is not as widely known as others generally recognized as the best, enthusiasts that taste ours rate it in that same category and often at the top.
The CottageKeeper's Pecan Brittle
Old Fashion Pecan Brittle
Our Pecan Brittle has the same wonderful brittle as in our Peanut Brittle with the added yummy southern favorite - pecans.  Who could resist those wonderful tasting roasted pecans?
The CottageKeeper's Peanut Brittle
Old Fashion Peanut Brittle
Our Peanut Brittle is from a Family Recipe dating back generations and was brought West during the Wagon Train days of the 1800's.  Lifetime connoisseurs of Peanut Brittle instantly recognize it upon SIGHT as the way Mothers and Grandmothers "use to make it in the old days"!
The CottageKeeper's Spice Tea
Orange And Spice Flavored Tea Mix
Our Spice Tea is an old Southern family recipe enjoyed by several CottageKeepers through the years dating back to when we were little Cottagers.  It is an Orange & Spice Flavored Tea Mix that has a hint of cinnamon and cloves and is tummy warming hot and refreshing cold!
The CottageKeeper's Assortment
An Assortment Of Toffee, Peanut Brittle & Spice Tea
Our Assortment contains one of each of the following Candy Shop Items ~ Toffee, Peanut Brittle and Spice Tea.  A good way (and most economical) to try our Gourmet items for the first time as a sample pack.  Also makes a great gift item!
One Pound Gourmet Gift
$25 Delivered Anywhere In The Continental United States

While any of our Candy Shop items can make a great gift, make sure to visit The Gift Shop for our One Pound Gourmet Gift.  We add decorative packing to any one of our gourmet treats and include a Gift Comments Card personalized just for your gift recipient.  All for only $25.00!

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