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Belgian Waffle Mix
Belgian Waffle Mix - The Belgian Waffle Works Restaraunt Waffle Mix In Lake Arrowhead Village, California
Belgian Waffle Mix (5 lb. bag)
Sample Recipes
Brussels Belgian
Slice a full waffle in half.  Add thin ham, Swiss cheese and turkey.  Warm for 50 seconds.  Serve with cream cheese and strawberry or blackberry jam.
Belgian Benedict
A new twist to a classic dish!  Prepare a full size waffle, top with slices of Canadian bacon, poached eggs and your favorite Hollandaise sauce.  Garnish with sliced green olives and paprika.
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Belgian Waffle Mix
Belgian Waffle Mix From The Belgian Waffle Works Restaurant Dockside At Lake Arrowhead Village, California
This is the best waffle and pancake mix we have ever had - period!  Thus, a winner of The Keeper Award™.  This Belgian waffle mix has won many other awards as well including Best Breakfast Recipe. 
The aroma coming out of each bag is truly mouthwatering and will wet everyone's appetite!  It offers a hint of almond and vanilla.  Each bite is scrumptious!  Your waffles and pancakes turn out great.  You will never go back to regular waffle / pancake mix.  So simple too - just add cold water!
Also makes wonderful waffles for deserts and sandwiches.  It is not just for breakfast pancakes and waffles!
Customer Comment:  "I am excited to use your waffle mix.  It was named one of the top mix's.!!!  This Gift Is For Christmas Morning!"  Debbi, TX
Comes in a 5lb bag.  New bag for much longer shelf life.  Cottages and Gardens Gift Comments Cards are available for this item however Gift Wrapping is not.  A popular gift item.
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Belgian Waffle Mix - From The Belgian Waffle Works
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