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Tips For Visiting Us At Cottages and Gardens
We highly recommend you browse using Microsoft Internet Explorer, particularly 5.5 or above.  Doing so will significantly increase your chances of seeing our web pages as they were intended to be viewed.  We believe this is very important to the overall enjoyment of your visit with us and efficiency in browsing through our website.
Certain other internet browsers such as Opera do a good job of presenting our web pages.  However others, such as Netscape, and particularly the most recent versions including 6.1, do not present our pages well.  So, if our web pages don't seem complete, finished, well organized, etc., then your browser is most likely having a problem translating our web pages correctly and will not present them well to you.  In such cases and if possible, browse with Microsoft Internet Explorer and we are confident you will have a much more pleasurable visit with us.

We also recommend that you adjust your screen resolutions to 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 or thereabouts for the optimum presentation of our web pages.  Setting your font size to medium will in most cases also create a more pleasant presentation.

Cottages and Gardens - The Cottage Road
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