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Ordering At Cottages and Gardens
How To Order
For express information on how to place an order, see How To Order.  More detailed information about ordering is below.
Ordering Options
At Cottages and Gardens, you have many ordering options.  While we strongly encourage you to use our Secure Online Ordering System, the following ordering options are available to you:
Secure Online Order Form
To order online just click on any ORDER icon or Click Here and select the appropriate order form.  For more information about our policies and procedures regarding the protection of your personal information, see Personal Information below.
Mail Order Form
To order by mail, print out the Mail Order Form page, complete the form including credit card information if applicable and mail it to us.  Don't forget to include your check, money order or gift, e-gift or general merchandise certificate if paying by any of these methods.  Customers outside of the Continental United States should call us for Delivery Charges before completing the Mail Order Form.  See Cottager Service for our mailing address.
Fax Order Form
To order by fax, print out the Mail Order Form page, complete the form including credit card information and fax it to us at 866.267.8017.
Telephone Order
To order by Telephone, call us at 866.267.8017.  For orders less than $100, a $5 telephone order service charge may apply.
Review Of Orders, Order Confirmations, Order Update Notices And Order Shipped Confirmations
We review all orders received, including Online orders, for accuracy and overall reasonableness before we process them.  If we have any questions about your order, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone.
Once your order has been reviewed and processed, we will send you an Order Confirmation notice by e-mail if you ordered online or otherwise gave us your e-mail address.   We will also confirm Mail Orders and Fax Orders by telephone or fax if requested, however we are only able to make one attempt to reach you by phone or fax to confirm your order.  If we reach an answering machine, we will leave an Order Confirmation Message on the answering machine.  
If we encounter any significant changes with your order such as a significant change in the estimated ship date or availability of a particular item, we will send you an Order Update notice by e-mail apprising you of the status of your order.  We may also call you depending upon the circumstances.
Once your order has been shipped to you, we will send you an Order Shipped notice by e-mail if you ordered online or otherwise gave us your e-mail address.  We generally do not confirm shipments by calling you.  You may always call us to check on the status of your order.
Details About Order Confirmations E-Mails

Our Order Confirmation notice will, among other things, notify you of the overall status of your order including the estimated ship date.  It will include the order number, delivery address and list all items ordered and their related amounts, delivery charges, gift wrapping charges, sales taxes if applicable and other appropriate amounts that comprise the total amount related to the order.  We will also let you know if any items are out of stock and the date we expect to be able to ship those items to you.  We will keep your backorder open until we can fill it.  If you prefer, you may cancel your entire order or any backorder portion of it and re-order at a later time.  For more information about the timing of our shipments including partial and split shipments, see Delivery Info.

Details About Our Order Shipped E-Mails
Our Order Shipped confirmation gives you some general information about your order including order number and delivery address information.  It will also tell you the date your order was shipped, an estimated delivery date, how many packages were shipped, which carrier/service was used and most often the tracking number.  It will also update you on the status of any backordered items.
Order Cancellations
For regular stock items, you may cancel an order at any time before we ship the order to you.
For specialty and custom items you may cancel your order at any time before the sooner of within 48 hours of us either sending an Order Confirmation notice to you or attempting to confirm an order via telephone or fax, we commence work on the items or we ask our suppliers to do so.  We may also obtain approval for all credit card charges on your orders that contain specialty or custom items at the time we begin work on the items or we ask our suppliers to do so.  Specialty and custom items generally have restrictions on returns, so please contact us if you have any questions about these matters.
Gift Comments Cards And Gift Wrapping
For any gift orders, we will include a Cottage Gift Comments Card with your gift comments printed inside free of charge.  We can also gift wrap many items for you.  We use quality wrapping papers and fabric ribbon to decorate your gift in a tasteful manner.  The additional charge is $4.95 for smaller items and $7.95 for larger items.  We are not able to gift wrap certain large items and other items that are shipped directly by our suppliers.  If you have any questions about gift wrapping a particular item, please Contact Us.
Gift Cards
See Gift Cards for details about this item..
Credit Card Processing

We process your credit card information to obtain the necessary approvals through our merchant processor, First Data Merchant Services Corp in Hagerstown, Maryland.  We do this in a traditional merchant manner by using a credit card terminal that is linked to our merchant processor via regular telephone lines.  We will contact you if we experience any problem processing your order including obtaining approval for your credit card payment.

Forms Of Payment Including Credit Cards, Checks & Lay Away
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express credit cards.  You may also use any valid Cottages and Gardens Gift Card issued by us.
We accept personal checks and money orders.  Orders will be scheduled for shipment as soon as your check or money order has been received by us and satisfactorily processed through our bank.  Returned checks and money orders are subject to a $25 fee.  For our mailing address, see Mail Order Form or Contact Us.   Please do not send us any cash.
Cottages and Gardens also offers the Cottage Lay Away Plan for our customers that would like to purchase an item over a period of time.  Please Contact Us directly to take advantage of this offer.
Shipping Information And Expected Delivery
Many orders are shipped from Orange County, California, however certain items are drop shipped to you directly from other facilities and our suppliers throughout the U.S.  In stock items shipped from our facilities are generally shipped within 48 hours of us receiving your order.  For deliveries within the Continental United States, you should expect to receive such orders within 2 to 7 business days after our receipt of your order.  Out of stock items and items drop shipped by our suppliers may take longer.  Items ordered together may not arrive in the same box or on the same day.  For more information about Rush Deliveries, delivery charges and other general shipping information, see Delivery Info
Sales Taxes
Sales taxes of 8.75% will added to all retail orders to be delivered to a California address except for non taxable items (e.g. Candy Shop Items, Belgian Waffle Mix, etc.).
Returns And Exchanges
For detailed instructions and other general information about sales returns and exchanges, see Sales Return Information.
Personal Information
We are vigorously committed to protecting your personal information.  Our policies and procedures are designed and carried out in the utmost professional manner to ensure that your personal information is protected from authorized use.  Among other things, your information is currently stored in a computer system not directly accessible by the Internet and is accessible internally only by authorized individuals.  In accordance with our Privacy Policy, any personal information you give us, whether online, by phone or otherwise, is vigorously protected by us.
Thank You!
We work very hard to ensure your ordering experience with us is a pleasant one ~ maybe even one of Life's Simpler Pleasures.  Thank You!
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