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We frequently receive comments from our customers about their experiences with us at Cottages and Gardens.  And even though we let a few of you down from time to time, most of the time you tell us that you like what we are doing.  Your comments are of great importance to us and often they simply make our day ~ THANK YOU!
We thought it might to be useful for some (especially new Cottagers) to get a sense of what other Cottages and Gardens customers say about us.  So, below is just a sample of Your Words!

"I received the beautiful night light today - so fast!  It's for my mom for Christmas.  Thank you SO MUCH!  (I had ordered one from someone on e-bay and it arrived in HORRIBLE condition - box stained, not the original inside packaging and BROKEN)~!!!!!  Thanks again!"  Jody D.
"You did a wonderful job of reassuring me!  Most businesses don't have the same ethics as you do, unfortunately"  Beth M.
"Hi, just checked out your great website after seeing the ad in the November issue of Romantic Homes.  I am adding it to my "favorite places",...Your cottage logo is darling!"   Sandra L.
"...I received a gift from your shop this week...a porcelain nightlight.  The gift is the BEST!  But I'd also like to compliment you on the 'presentation'.  The gift was so beautifully wrapped, I didn't want to open it.  The card, the enclosures, the labels with my name on them, all made me feel quite special! ...Thank you for operating a business with distinction.  We don't have many of these left."  Dee B.
"Just a note to tell you how much I love the cottage is so sweet!...and the customer service so friendly and accommodating...a completely pleasurable experience! ..thank you so much!"  J. Marie
"This is the most exciting web-site I have found for fulfilling my hunger for all things that pertain to my cottage life!!!  I love you!!!"  Cathy M.
"Hello and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the beautiful planter and the other gifts you sent for winning your Mother's Day contest. ...Thank you again for the wonderful prizes.  I am never a winner in contests, so you have changed my luck!"  Peggy B.
"I Love this Web-site!!!!"  Melinda F.
"I just discovered you website. I look forward to checking out the rest of your site.  But you (have) a lot of great and unique items."  Noreen C.
"Thank you!  Your standard of customer service is exceptional."   Dawn P.
"Love your site it's fun and you have beautiful items."   Claudia F.
"(CottageKeeper), This is all great news.  Thank you so much (for) staying right on top of my order.  I'm so glad that you were able to convince them on my behalf.  It's great that it will be a collectors item but more important to me, there are three sisters in my family, we are very close and I view this piece as a tangible object of that closeness.  Thanks again, you made my day."   Amy D.
"Hi (CottageKeeper), The plate rack arrived today & we are very pleased.  It is a sturdy, lovely piece.  We plan to hang it in a place of honor tomorrow.  Thanks for all your help...Thank you for a very pleasant shopping experience.  I will be back..."   Gloria W.
"Dear (CottageKeeper), It was so fun talking to you today, I feel like I have a new friend.  I'll be checking for new fun things each week..."   Danelle C.
"Dear (CottageKeeper), ...I will pass on to my friends what a charming site you have and how pleasant it is to have purchased these charming fences from you.  All the best,..."   Mrs. Eric G.
"Dear (CottageKeeper), I found your (website) in a magazine...I just adore the feeling I get when I go to your site, or even when I see your ad...Life gets so busy, and I seek more and more tranquility, in what is a busy world.  Many thanks for the pleasure you give me."   Misty S.
"Hello!  Just wanted to let you know that my order showed-up @ my doorstep yesterday afternoon (2/26/01)!  Everything shipped well and I'm anxious to assemble everything and start enjoying!!  It has been a pleasure doing business with Cottage Keeper, you are definitely a terrific personable online store with quality service and products!  Sincerely,"   Cynthia S.
"You have a wonderful selection and nice products.  I've bookmarked your site for future shopping.  Thanks also for the chance to win!"   Dianne P.
"Hi (CottageKeeper), My darling alpine vase arrived this morning.  I simply adore it. Thank you for shipping it out to me so quickly..."   May L.
"The arrangement looks beautiful.  Please ship it to me ASAP.  Thank you."   Carol L.
"Yes, it arrived today and I LOVE IT, no way are you getting this back, it is mine and I am going to keep it, how adorable and perfect, thanks so much, fun getting acquainted with you..."   Dottie C.
"What a great website!"   Beckie K.
"Just loved your Irish cottage vase...I think I will order some...Just loved your site.  I was born in Ireland/lived in England so your ad caught my eye..."   June S.
"Dear (CottageKeeper),  My wonderful treasures arrived today and I love each and every one of them, Thank you so very much, the Toffee is out of this world,  the chandelier and the lamp shade are beautiful and all my friends are jealous, What a wonderful gift, I love your web site and will continue to visit it often, please keep in touch...Sincerely,"   Lea Ann R.
"How Exciting, I am so glad you talked me into becoming a member, how quickly you sent my first article, and it is very enjoyable reading.  You guys out there, keep it up, you are doing swell stuff, thanks for putting me on the mailing list."   Dottie C.
"I really have enjoyed your site.  It was very easy to use and set up so well. I love your unusual boards and cottage vases, baskets, etc..."   Sherry C.
"You are doing so great, I finally put your website as an Icon on my desktop so I can click into it every day, I have been missing too many of your developments so this hopefully will ensure that I can keep up with your activity..."  Dottie C.
"Hi (CottageKeeper), I received my bunny with egg cart today.  He's fabulous, I love it.  Thank you so much.  I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again.  I've told all my friends about you..."   Danelle C.
"Love anything to do with cottage items and shabby chic, I collect book's magazine's and I think your site is great.  Thank's" Claudia F.
"I have really enjoyed my visit to your website."  Karina F.
"the lamp I bought from you. the sort of graphic design, LOVE IT"  Dottie C.
"I loved this web-site.  I sent the address to many friends."   Martha R.
"Brand new to your site, let me browse forever & then I will let you know any questions I might have, it's a beautiful little place."   Cynthia H.
"I am in the midst of redecorating my entire house, three full floors, and have lots to buy, your catalog is filled with gorgeous items, I love this site."   Joanne O.
"I think I found you in a (Magazine).  Not sure, but I am glad I did.  (I am looking for) interesting ideas for my home.  This is kind of a late comment, but here it is. I was a winner in your stocking stuffer contest and I received a wonderful little candle lamp. I love it.  It sits on a side table next to my comfy chair with a wonderful apple pie scented votive candle. I enjoy it everyday Thank you,"   Brenda B.
"I love white washed furniture, white linens, anything with the cottage/distressed/shabby chic look. I love your site! I am so glad I found it!"     Geneen G.
"I would love to see more small lamps, unique picture frames, and any decorating item with pastels. I have surfed through your entire site and had a wonderful time. I will be back."   Cee Cee C.
"I think your website is incredible and your flower arrangements are top notch!  I want to send my wire orders to shops like yours with beautiful products and arrangements.  The California vase is GREAT..."   Jamie H.
"Hi, I really enjoyed your site today, cottages, they are so warm, cozy and beautiful, I would like to see more floor plan ideas, building tips, also, I really enjoyed reading your articles, especially the Matthew House piece, the pictures are beautiful, Keep up the great work."   Dinah B.
"(CottageKeeper), I received the rack and potting bench.  Everything was fine.  I have been on business travel quite a bit but did have the opportunity to assemble the bench before I left and it is fantastic.  The copper with the sage is a great combination.  When I settle off the road, I will send you some photos after I have everything in place.  Many thanks for the assistance."   Paul K.
"Interested in the Cottage Look and gardening. I have yet to browse and I can't wait!"   Barbara M.
"Loved the program on Kitty's show. Great and inspirational work!"   Sandra B.
"I am a interior designer, and... thank you for such a great site."   Pamela M.
"I saw the ad in the back of Romantic Homes and it totally caught my eye.  I'm in the process of redecorating my family room in a cottage style and noticed that you are close to my house...Can't wait!  See ya,"   Rhonda P.
"so far everything I see is just great, up here in the mountains of PA we don't have much choice in our shopping-- WAL-MART IS A GREAT OUTING. So I depend on catalogs a lot--cant wait to get yours,"   Adrienne S.
"Great website, I definitely will visit often."   Regina B.
"Hi to all,  I just want to say thank you for keeping me informed on
everything.  I just love your site just keep the goodies coming a big thanks
to your staff.  I really look forward to all the new things. So until we
speak again take care"  
Claudia F.
"I love your stuff and I love how you give unique ideas to use your items."   Kim G.
"I just wanted to let you know that I received my "snowbabies" and I couldn't be more pleased.  Thank you so much for your efforts in getting this item for me even after you were told the item was retired.  I will recommend your services to anyone I can and look forward to working with you again in the future."    Amy D.
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