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      Wine & Cheese Porcelain Night Light from Cottages and Gardens & The Porcelain Garden
Man In The Moon (Color), $28.95   Song Bird, $22.95   Summer Friends (Color), $28.95    Wine & Cheese, $22.95
  Guardian Angel In Color Lithophane Porcelain Night Light from Cottages and Gardens & The Porcelain Garden     Catch A Falling Star - A Porcelain Garden Porcelain Lithophane Night Light From Cottages and Gardens
Orchids, $22.95   Guardian Angel (Color), $28.95   Man In The Moon, $22.95   Catch A Falling Star, $22.95
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Other Porcelain Garden Lighting Products
All Porcelain Garden Porcelain Lithophane Luminary Products are available from Cottages and Gardens including Night Lights, Stands, Lamps & Luminaires.  In stock Porcelain Garden items almost always ship within 1-2 business days.  Out of stock Porcelain Garden items almost always ship within 1-3 business days.  More information about the following Porcelain Garden lighting products is available on this website:
Porcelain Lithophane Silhouette Lamps, Nights Lights & Votives
Porcelain Lithophane Petite Lamps
Porcelain Lithophane Table Lamps
Porcelain Lithophane Luminaires
For additional information about other Porcelain Garden Luminary Products including Night Lights not displayed on this website, replacement panels & other pieces and the availability of retired designs, please CONTACT US.

Our porcelain night lights, or Lithophanes ("Vision In Stone") as they are technically called, are old world wonders.  These Porcelain Lithophane Night Lights & Stands are made of translucent porcelain. Certain designs have had color added to them to create colorized porcelain lithophane panels for night lights and stands.

This beautiful artwork is ideal for providing soft accent lighting to many areas of your home.  They also make a great gift! 

Choose a FLAT PANEL or CURVED PANEL Porcelain Lithophane Night Light.  

Certain FLAT PANEL pieces are also available mounted in a STAND (3 to choose from) for decorating tables, dressers and other spots.  Interchange other FLAT PANEL pieces in the stands to get the most out of your porcelain night lights.


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