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Huichol Indian Chokers and Cuffs

Kristine Taft's interpretation of Huichol Indian seed bead chokers and cuffs are relaxed and beautiful!  Her work has received considerable attention in the high end shops of Los Angeles and Orange County.

The Huichol Indians (descendants from the Aztec and related to the Hopi of Arizona) of the remote Sierra Madre Mountains of north central Mexico have a long tradition of jewelry making. Kristine can make an endless combination of patterns and colors, so pick one of the ones below or tell us what you want and she will custom make it for you.  Our suggestion is to tell Kristine the colors and a pattern you like and leave it up to her.  You won't be disappointed.  These are so unique, stylish and comfortable that even the guys are wearing them!    But of course Kristine does live in LA.

If you are lucky, Kristine might even throw in a piece of her sea glass which she has collected over the years and has become well known for.


Each hand woven cuff is 6.5" long, adjustable and comes in 1" and 2" widths. 
6.5"  x  2"  CG8226     
6.5"  x  1"  CG8227
15.5"  x  1"  (not pictured) CG8228   

Crystal Bracelets Seed Bead Bracelets

Custom hand strung Swarovski crystal bracelet sets! Each set includes 5 bracelets of 6.5" (fits 7" wrist)

Custom hand strung Italian and Japanese seed bead bracelet sets!  Each set includes 10 bracelets of 6.5" (fits 7" wrist)

Just tell us the color you want! Almost any color is available. 

Again, just tell us the color you want!

CG8229 CG8230
Kristine also creates lovely custom pieces of Turquoise, Pearls and other precious stones and gems. Please contact us to obtain more information about these items.

Retired Items

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