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Here Come the Tickle Bugs!
by Uncle Sillyhead III

Here Come the Tickle Bugs! is a 45 page interactive book. It provides fun for both the parents and their children. Whenever a kid is being silly, just wiggle your fingers and say “Here come the tickle bugs!” KIDS LOVE IT!!

There are seven different Tickle Bugs, each with a distinct personality. They all resemble actual bugs, but only a little. The Tickle Bugs love colors! There is one Tickle Bug for each color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. There is also a pink one, because a lot of kids we know LOVE the color pink! 

Here Come the Tickle Bugs! has been "kid-tested" and every kid we've observed instantly falls in love with the characters, the bright colors, and the happy faces. We're certain you'll agree!


CG2301    $9.00

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Vote for your favorite Tickle Bug?

Bobo YES
Summer YES
Pinkie YES
Jazz YES
Rosco YES
Sparky YES
Classy YES

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