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2002 Fall Harvest / Halloween 
Antique Bath Tub Bath Towel Set
Plush warm bath towel set for the cooler weather ahead in a decorative antique bath tub motif.  Will work in almost any bathroom!
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Winner To Be Announced October 31, 2002
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On October 31, 2002 we will announce the Winner of our Fall Harvest / Halloween Cottage Contest ~ a random drawing of all eligible entrants.  This year the prizes for the Winner are:
  • Antique Bath Tub Bath Towel Set one of our exclusive embroidered bath towel sets to add extra sparkle to your bathroom.

  • The Santa Barbara Tray is ideal for for your new hand towel and wash cloth or many other creative uses in any room in your Cottage.

  • The CottageKeeper's Spice Tea  ~ our newest Gourmet Item in The Candy Shop, an orange and spice flavored tea, is the perfect drink to warm your tummy this fall.

  • And we always seem to find room in the package for at least one more prize.

Halloween Is Such A Special Day ~ Plan To Make The Most Of It This Year!


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