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Stocking Stuffers 2000 & 2001
Welcome to the Stocking Stuffers giveaway for 2000 & 2001 from CottagesandGardens and!

Each Christmas we randomly select one or more 'Christmas Cottagers' from all eligible Stocking Stuffers entries.  Each lucky Christmas Cottager will receive one of our pre-determined Stocking Stuffer items and have it sent to them before Christmas as a treat from us.  This is just a small way we say thank you all for visiting us this year and to have some fun.

Details for Stocking Stuffers 2000

This year we are celebrating the 12 days of Christmas.  For 12 consecutive days beginning on December 1, 2000 we will randomly draw one name from all eligible Stocking Stuffers entrants.  That Christmas Cottager will receive a stocking stuffer type item determined in advance by CottagesandGardens.  All Stocking Stuffers will be shipped by December 20, 2000 hopefully to be received by the lucky Christmas Cottagers before Christmas.  Visit each day to see the lucky Christmas Cottager for that day and the Stocking Stuffer headed their way.

How To Enter

To enter the giveaway, complete the form below (omitted after contest)  and submit it to us.  We will send you an e-mail confirmation of your entry.

To enter all of our Cottage Contests for 2001 including our Stocking Stuffers 2001, see Cottage Contest Entry.

If you haven't already Joined the Cottage, then please consider doing so below (omitted after contest) as there are many treats in store for you.

Thank you all and have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!

The CottageKeepers

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