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Myra Rice
Cottage Guest Writer
Myra Rice, owner of Recycled Treasures, has been working with Vintage Metals to create decorative pieces for the styles and needs of today's homes and businesses for years.  Recycled Treasures specializes in one-of-a-kind and limited edition masterpieces, particularly using Vintage Tin.   Each piece is hand crafted (no 'state-of-the-art' factory in Myra's shop) here in the U.S.A.  Direct questions or comments to
"Turn Of The Century" Decorative Metal
Opera House Mirror
Each piece has it's own history which cannot be reproduced.....

During the first half of this century metal ceilings and roofs were used extensively in the construction of homes, hospitals, schools, stores and public buildings.  They were ornamental, fire resistant, light-weight and inexpensive.  Both beautiful and permanent, many original roofs, ceilings and walls are in good condition and still used today.

Hundreds of designs, properly proportioned for any size or shape room were created.  Styles included Greek, Colonial, Victorian, Empire, Gothic, Oriental and Art Deco.  Designs were available in borders, main panels, fillers, moldings, center medallions, cornices and wainscoting.  There are only a handful of companies that still produce the pressed metal designs today and they are all patterned after the vintage pieces of the past.

In recent years the decorative metal ceilings, sidewalls, wainscoting and metal roofs have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity.  They are extremely popular in new construction, and widely used by designers of hotels, clubs, restaurants and homes.

Vintage metal is limited in abundance and is considered an antique.  Each piece has it's own wonderful history and rich aged finish which cannot be reproduced in today's metals no matter how good the manufacture is.  By owning a decorating piece containing vintage metal, you are able to treasure a glimpse into the past and brighten your home.

Myra Rice
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