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Yvonne & Fred The Goodies
2001 Cottage Valentine
Yvonne Gude

Upland, California

Our Cottage Valentine was out of town on Valentine's Day so she asked us to deliver her goodies to her on Saturday morning (February 17) before her quilting class.  Since Yvonne lives here in Southern California, The CottageKeepers made the delivery in person.  What a treat for us!

Yvonne and her husband, Fred, were such gracious winners and extended the warmest hospitality to us.  We enjoyed coffee, scones and other continental delights and took a tour of the Gude's lovely 'cottage'.  Yvonne and Fred are just two of the most wonderful people you would ever want to meet.  We were very happy to have been able to do that.

Both Yvonne and Fred are retired enjoying their family and Southern California living.  Yvonne spent most of her career as a Registered Nurse while Fred was an Engineer with Lockheed.

Yvonne has many passions but her quilting seems to top them all.  She showed us several throughout her home, including the one pictured here in a guest bedroom, that were simply beautiful in design and craftsmanship.  She is quite the quilter!  Her attention to detail is not only evident in her quilts but throughout her entire home.

Thank you Yvonne and Fred for making us feel like the winners on this day.

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