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More Information About Cottage Membership
10% Off Discounts On First, Second And Succeeding Purchases
The 10% OFF offer available to Member Cottagers on their first, second and succeeding purchases within the first year of their Membership (CG-MC001 and CG-MC0002) and on purchases in their second and succeeding years of Membership (CG-MC003) is not available for the following items / orders.  This list may be updated from time to time.
Orders placed by telephone.
Items with a Regular Sales Price less than $25.00
Belgian Waffle Mix - quantities of less than one case (6 bags)
One Pound Gourmet Gift
10% Off Discounts In Second And Succeeding Years
Cottages and Gardens may adjust the terms of this offer from time to time as determined necessary by us.  We may also terminate this offer at any time.  In the event we change the terms of this offer, we will honor the discounts you have earned as of the date we adjusted the terms of this offer.  In the event we terminate this offer, we will honor the discounts you have earned as of the date we terminated this offer.
Cottages and Gardens Reserves Right
Cottages and Gardens reserves the right as to the final determination of whether a individual is a Member Cottager or not, the current status of any Member Cottager account, the Benefits and Privileges due to any Member Cottager or any other matters regarding any Member Cottager account or Membership in general.  Cottages and Gardens also reserves the right to terminate this Membership Program and Member Cottager Benefits and Privileges at any time.
If you have any questions about Cottage Membership, please Contact Us.
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